Liverpool Training SessionPhoto by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

James Milner is cheating on Andy Robertson.

Don’t worry, the most recent episode of Face Off, where Liverpool players debate various topics for the club’s official YouTube page was filmed before the quarantine went into effect in Europe. So James Milner and Adam Lallana aren’t breaking any rules or risking their lives when they sat down to hash out the important issues.

The bad news is that it appears Milner is cheating on his usual partner in these types of videos, Andy Robertson. Lallana makes a good foil though, especially when they debate the merits of the north of England versus the south.

Milner suggests prawn cocktail as the best flavor of crisps, but both men are very careful to point out that they haven’t eaten any crisps in a while. Have to appease their food overlord, Mona Nemmer, after all.

They also decide on their favorite song sung by the Kop and their favorite ice cream flavor.

But my takeaway from it is this: prawn cocktail flavored crisps? England, explain yourselves.