Watford FC v Liverpool FC - Premier LeaguePhoto by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

An honest assessment of a terrible performance.

Liverpool lost. To Watford. 3-0. It wasn’t even close.

The extent to which the side completely didn’t turn up cannot be overstated. The first half was a non-event, then the second saw the home side completely dominate. I have no idea how that happened or why. Virgil van Dijk seemed as confused as anyone.

“First of all, credit to Watford”, the Liverpool centre back told the official site. “They deserved it if you look at the game, the chances they created. They stuck to their plan and obviously scored three goals. I don’t think we created too many big opportunities. So we shouldn’t take the credit away from Watford. Obviously we want to look at ourselves with most of the things and we have to. We have to improve again. It’s a tough one to take, but it’s football as well.

“If you concede three goals, that’s something we didn’t have for quite a while. Obviously we have to improve as a team in total. We will. It’s very tough to take this one. The only positive thing might be that we have an FA Cup game in a couple of days, a very good one.

Losing hurts. The records are only for the media, we didn’t even mention it once. We keep going, we want to win the next game ahead of us, that’s the FA Cup, and then we have Bournemouth at home. We want to strike back, we want to show what we’ve been doing the whole season. That’s the only way forward.”

Look, we were absolutely dreadful yesterday. There’s no sugar coating it. All we can hope for is that it’s a minor blip.