Chelsea v Liverpool - Premier League
Photo by James Williamson – AMA/Getty Images

The defender talks about the draw at Stamford Bridge.

The league (and this ridiculous pandemic season) is probably over already which is a testament to the league and its relationship with money. But let’s ignore that completely and instead focus on what ended up being a frustrating day out in London. For the team (and for Virgil van Dijk in particular), the frustrations began in the first half when Chelsea managed to equalise against Liverpool.

“Yeah obviously if you are 2-0 up you don’t want to concede that close to half-time and give them the momentum to get back into the game,” van Dijk said after the match. “Unfortunately, it happened. A fantastic strike [by Kovacic], you have to give him credit for that. And obviously that gives them, like I said already, momentum. They scored the second goal with a good feeling into the break. Obviously we tried not to panic, created fantastic moments still in the second half, even when we were at times under pressure. I think for the outside world it was quite a good game to watch, but we came here for three points and unfortunately we didn’t get it.”

On the rest of the season and the gap that’s opened up between Manchester City and the second and third place teams:

“It’s never difficult to believe. It’s a big gap, so they have the title maybe to lose at the moment. But anything can happen still. We have been there where we had a gap, we were in front and we gave it away. So, anything is possible. We will focus on ourselves, Chelsea will focus on themselves. We just have to get results, play good football and win games. It sounds pretty easy but it’s tough, as you see today as well.”