Liverpool Training SessionPhoto by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

This, despite strong messages from the club that none of the front three are going anywhere.

I’m this close to just jumping on the “making shit up” bandwagon. Because seriously, we’re so desperately in need of anything actually happening, that we’ll listen to anyone.

Anyway, former Arsenal player Charlie Nicholas opined/pulled a transfer rumor out of his ass, suggesting that Liverpool will look to move on one of the front three after signing Timo Werner from Leipzig, probably Mohamed Salah.

“As much as Liverpool are talking about Timo Werner coming from RB Leipzig and potential other buys, it might be Salah that gets moved on,” Nicholas said. “I would be careful about Mane, as I believe even Lionel Messi picked him as one of his Ballon d’Or choices.

“Salah has been great and Liverpool fans love him, but the two they may want to keep are Mane and Firmino. They have more options about them, not better players necessarily. Salah is that type as he gets the goals.”

Great insight from someone with no connections to the clubs or players. Thanks.

Pre-crisis, Liverpool were pretty clear about their desire and ability to keep all front three players. There has been very little to suggest that the club would change their stance since then.

If anything, this crisis only makes it more likely for clubs to cling onto their most valuable and reliable assets.

But it’s a thing that someone said and it’s out there so. Yeah. Enjoy your…Thursday? Is it Thursday?