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The former Liverpool manager is closing in on a return to Merseyside.

Rafael Benítez, the man who orchestrated the Miracle of Istanbul, is on the verge of making his return to Liverpool, but this time he’ll be guiding the boys in Blue instead of the ones in Red.

This news comes courtesy of Sky Sports, who are reporting that the beloved Spaniard is prepared to fill the vacancy created when Carlo Ancelotti resigned so he could return to Real Madrid earlier this month. If Benítez and Everton do indeed reach an agreement, Rafa would become the first man to manage both LFC and EFC.

Rafa was tipped to be on Everton’s wishlist shortly after Ancelotti’s departure, but the news didn’t get as much attention as it may have due to the fact that Steven Gerrard was also supposedly being considered for the role.

It’s hard to feel too much animosity towards Benítez over this. If this had happened before Jürgen Klopp came along and put Liverpool back on their perch, there might be some bitterness. But, given recent success, it’s hard to feel anger or disgust for the man who delivered one of the most sensational nights in football history.

On the flip side, it will be interesting to see how Everton supporters react to suddenly cheering on the man who was at the helm for one of their rival’s greatest triumphs. It’s not hard to imagine some Toffees having a difficult time accepting it.

One thing is for sure; there will not be a lack of narrative leading up to the next Merseyside Derby.