FBL-FRA-LCUP-ORLEANS-PSG“And then I told Barcelona that I wanted to go to Liverpool, proper European Royalty.” | Photo credit should read FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images

France has canceled football in its top two leagues, but they are discussing how to best decide the title, European spots, and relegation.

There was a certain giddiness yesterday among the “nULL aNd vOiD tHe sEaSon!” crowd, when France announced the cancellation of its top two football leagues. That celebration was perhaps a bit too premature, considering that Ligue 1 is reportedly weighing options on how to decide the final league table.

Using Google Translate as my guide, the three options are as follows:

  1. Using the final points per game after the last match.
  2. Using the table as it stood on the last, full, completed matchday.
  3. Using the standings at the half-way point.

This could set a precedent for other big leagues, including the Premier League, if things remain too unsafe to finish the season, even behind closed doors.

As for Liverpool, any of the above options would see them crowned champions. Only the most biased of observers could argue that Liverpool don’t deserve the title. The Reds have produced one of the most dominant displays the league has ever seen, having remained top since matchday 2, and never looking back.

However, the financial consideration faced by Ligue 1 are far different than those faced by the Premier League. It still seems likely that the Premier League will need to figure out a way to finish the league behind closed doors, when it is relatively safe to do so, of course.