Liverpool’s assistant manager Pepijn Lijnders during a training session at Melwood Training Ground on January 09, 2020
Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

The charismatic assistant coach continues to pen his ‘diary’ on Day 13 of Liverpool’s camp in Austria.

Liverpool assistant coach Pep Lijnders, a.k.a. The Good Pep (if you know, you know) has been writing a wonderful “diary” publicly documenting the squad’s pre-season shenanigans at their training camp in Austria. His latest entry on day 13 discusses progress leading up to the game against Mainz, which ended as a 1-0 win to Liverpool, and stuff that Andy Robertson has been up to – the latter of which we definitely want to know more about, always.

Speaking about what the team needs to work on post-Mainz, he said, “It’s a good base working towards Hertha [Liverpool’s next pre-season friendly on July 29], but we need more determination to be well organised from everyone.

“We need to be more co-ordinated, especially when we are tired. It’s all about tactical discipline if you want to create ‘help from everywhere’. We are playing against teams who are longer in their pre-season, which makes each game a proper test. But that’s what we wanted: tests. Finals. To show that a little bit defending just doesn’t work.”

He also mentioned Robbo’s apparent likeness to Diojo Jota, a thing that some of us hadn’t necessarily noticed.

“While I’m writing, Vitor and Andreas are taking a session with Robbo, Jota, Conor and Jake. Robbo and Jota look so much alike, there must be a relation between the Scottish and Portuguese a long, long time ago.”

If you say so, Good Pep.

Robbo has been charged up as always, and aspires to do some more attacking this year, according to Lijnders, who explained, “On his arrival yesterday evening, Robbo said he can get five goals this season… after this first session he said he was thinking he might even be able to get seven, maybe!”

We do love to see a Robbo goal (or seven).

The squad then went off for an afternoon of leisure. They are heading to a different hotel in the region, that James Milner is particularly excited about.

“Millie has found out there is a golf simulator in there, so our vice-captain is happy!”, Lijnders clarified.