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The Manchester City boss believes the FA needs to make a swift decision.

Who knew that Liverpool potentially winning the Premier League trophy for the first time in 30 years would trigger the end times? But here we are, with the world teetering on the edge of a pandemic. It feels ridiculous to be thinking about the fact that Liverpool are less than 10 games away from possibly having the best season in Premier League history, and yet…Liverpool are less than 10 games away from possibly having the best season in Premier League history.

It’s about public health and keeping people safe, I get it, I do, but man, this one hurts. So far the English FA hasn’t made any decisions about suspending the league or continuing behind closed doors the way that other European leagues have done. However, the first disturbance has come in the way of the Manchester City vs. Arsenal game scheduled to take place on Wednesday. The match has been postponed as a precaution because some of the Arsenal players were in close proximity to Olympiacos owner Evangelos Marinakis, who has contracted COVID-19, when the Gunners faced them in the Europa League.

Pep Guardiola recently made his position clear, stating that the FA needs to make a quick decision about what they’re going to do for the remaining games in order to protect the fans. He also said that, “We have to ask if it works to play football without spectators. If the people do not come to watch the games there is no sense, I wouldn’t like to play in the Champions League, Premier League, cups, without people.

”We are here for the people. One game, two games, maybe, but not longer. We do it for the people. I would not love to play without people in the stadium.”

La Liga has instituted closed doors matches to prevent large crowds of people from congregating, and that’s something that the FA may consider and which Guardiola clearly doesn’t approve.

The manager has a point that’s hard to argue with, and yet…

And yet.