Manchester United v Liverpool FC - Premier LeaguePhoto by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

After a frustrating 1-1 draw, we want you to rate Liverpool’s players and choose your man of the match.

Well, we all knew in the heart of our hearts, Liverpool were not going to win every game this season. A poor display coupled with some, shall we say, questionable officiating made for a frustrating game to watch. At the end of the day, however, the team rescued a point at Old Trafford.

While there weren’t a bevy of stand out performances, there were a few players that managed to make a difference. Georginio Wijnaldum flashed his tight control several times to get himself past defenders. Virgil van Dijk was a stalwart in the back yet again, snuffing out several attacks with great positioning, and put a couple crunching (legal) tackles in. Adam Lallana, well, he scored the tying goal. That’s about all we have to say about Sir Cruyff Turn. Alexander Olxade-Chamberlain showed dynamism and great vision in his 30+ minutes on the pitch, creating opportunities and almost scoring on a long-ranged daisy cutter.

With our favored polling tool out of service, we’re instead giving you a choice between a few of the players we thought looked best today for the Reds, so make your choice below and vote for who you think should be the man of the match—or take to the comments to let us know that we got it wrong by leaving the real man of the match off the list entirely.

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