Chelsea FC v Manchester City - Premier LeaguePhoto by Alex Broadway/Getty Images

Liverpool could win the title while watching from home tonight—but do you want that?

Tonight, Manchester City are headed to London to face Chelsea in a match that could mathematically secure the 2019-20 Premier League title for Liverpool.

For the two clubs involved that won’t be what’s on their mind—particularly in the case of Chelsea, who are in the thick of a top four fight that sees them four points behind Leicester in third and just two ahead of both Manchester United and Wolves.

We aren’t much worried about Chelsea’s top four fight, though. We’re worried about Liverpool. And if Chelsea win or draw—which is to say, if City don’t win—the Reds get the title. Number 19. Their first in three decades.

For many Liverpool fans, then, their rooting interests will be firmly in the Chelsea camp.

Others, though, will be looking ahead to Liverpool’s next match—against City next Thursday. A game where, if City were to win tonight, Liverpool could win the Premier League title out on the pitch.

And we want to know which of those two options, if you had the choice between them, you would prefer.

Get Liverpool the title as soon as possible and get an honour guard from Pep Guardiola’s City when they face off next week with the title mathematically secured?

Or have a chance for Liverpool to win the title by winning the match next week, potentially providing a shared moment of catharsis and celebration for the players out on the pitch and the fans stuck at home?

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