Liverpool FC v Manchester United - Premier League
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

A 3-0 win and van Dijk back on the pitch? What’s not to love?

Kicking off the season with a 3-0 win, three of the four forwards netting goals (including another record broken by Mo Salah), and the return of Virgil van Dijk all in one game is pretty much what dreams are made of. It’s pretty understandable for the boss to be as excited as he is about the season.

“You know that these kind of things are important, that we don’t even start talking about that,” Klopp told the club’s website when asked about the standout performances from the front four. “So, I’m really happy about that. Look, you win 3-0 and you know exactly, ‘OK, we have to improve that, we have to improve that, we have to improve that’ – and we can improve that. Some things will be better only because we have a week more time, and some things we have to work on, of course. All good for the moment. It could not be better. With Virgil back after ages, Kostas playing the game, first start, Naby in a really good shape – all this kind of stuff, it’s really important for us and that’s why I’m really happy.”

Even with the team gelling the way they should be and the curse of injuries that the Reds saw last season hopefully behind us (please come back soon Robbo and Jones), it’s good to hear the boss pointing out all the areas that could be improved upon.

“We would have liked to win the balls in different areas but it’s all fine,” he said. “It was a good game, not the sensational game which we played already in a few moments in the past, but really good and really mature and really professional. So, I’m really happy about this stuff and now let’s carry on and use it.”

Liverpool will take on Burnley at Anfield in their second fixture next weekend.