New Liverpool Signing Luis Diaz
Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

The manager praises Liverpool’s transfer brass

Friday was the first day Luis Diaz trained with Liverpool after completing his transfer earlier in the week. It was also the first time Jurgen Klopp and the coaching staff got to meet Diaz in person, as well as the rest of the teammates. The Liverpool manager used his FA Cup matchday programme to sing the praises of the Reds’ transfer brass and the player himself.

“I want to use these pages to formally welcome Luis Diaz to the LFC family.” Klopp wrote in the programme. “At the time of this going to print he hasn’t arrived with us as a group at AXA yet, but that is pending. I have no idea while writing this whether he can or will be involved today.”

We of course now know that Diaz was very involved on Friday, given all the social media content we’ve seen!

“But regardless, I know it’s a signing that has caused excitement with our fans and that’s really cool. It’s good to be excited and optimistic about something. I love the energy that comes with that.

“It’s a smart piece of business for the club, I must say, and it was very well managed and secured by our football ops team, with the support of ownership and Mike Gordon in particular.”

It really is a shrewd piece of business from the club and gives them the bonafides to compete on four fronts. You can read the rest of what Klopp wrote here.