Chelsea v Liverpool - Carabao Cup Final 2022
Photo by Federico Maranesi/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

They’re good kits (if true), Brent.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: when we all gather around a bunch of social media accounts that get things right maybe 30% of the time and pass judgement on leaks and rumours of ridiculously expensive new shirts that look just a tiny bit different from the last season’s ridiculously expensive soon to be old shirts.

Per always, it’s a mixed bag and it’s all mixed in with rumours that are incredibly exciting and not in any way true.

Let’s start with the usual. The home kit leak is one that looks exactly like what you’d expect from a Liverpool home kit. It’s a bit plainer than usual, at least from a distance, but the colour is rich and there are a lot of small details that will probably make people happy.

The away kit leak, similarly, isn’t particularly exciting. So far, we know it’ll be “predominantly white”, and that we’ll get our first official look at it sometime in July.

The kit that actually garnered the attention of social media this weekend was this rumoured third kit:

With a gorgeous colour contrast and a fun pattern, this is surely the kit for everyone who’s been clinging to the purple and waiting for a new kit that brings us that same amount of joy (me). Unfortunately, like most good things in 2022, it appears to be fake. Third kit aficionados will have to be content with a “Dark Atomic Teal/Rio Teal/Siren Red” colour combination, and wait till sometime in August or September for the kit to officially be released.