Liverpool FC v Manchester United - Premier LeaguePhoto by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Alisson’s goal celebration against Manchester United brought back fond memories for the former Liverpool striker.

History repeated itself to an almost eerie degree on Sunday when Mohamed Salah scored his last minute goal to seal Liverpool’s win against Manchester United. When goalkeeper Alisson Becker sprinted across the pitch to be the first person to celebrate with Salah, fans were reminded of a decade ago when a similar scene played out against the same opponent.

The goalscorer was David Ngog and it was Pepe Reina who flew past his teammates to gleefully embrace the hero of the day.

Both goals were the second in a 2-0 Liverpool victory, both were slotted in at the last minute, both came on the break, and both set the Kop on fire.

The official site contacted Ngog to get his reaction to the deja vu.

“It’s unbelievable how close it is,” he said. “It’s different play of course – he has a longer run and he read it well against the defender.

”But that was in the last minute, against Man United, it brings back memories.

”I was at home but I was with my family as well. I saw the two goals and I was happy because it’s Liverpool and it’s really important this season. It was exciting. To be honest, at that time I was just watching, not thinking about the goal before.

”But when I saw the replay and saw it was similar – and the celebration, of course, with Alisson running. It was really, really funny to watch.”

The official site also provided a convenient split screen of the two goals available for free in the link above. And you know what they say: the only thing better than watching Liverpool score a goal against Manchester United is watching Liverpool score two goals against Manchester United.

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