Liverpool v West Ham United - Premier League
Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

The left-back was also full of praise for his buddy Trent Alexander-Arnold, who may have saved the game for Liverpool.

Liverpool faced a tough opponent in West Ham United at Anfield last night, and Andy Robertson revealed that the team was relieved when the final whistle was heard.

“We weren’t quite at our best but when you’re not at your best it is so important to try to win the game”, he said.

“We kept a clean sheet and the defence was called upon quite a lot. It was two good teams going at it. I think we felt the relief around the stadium when the final whistle went.”

And while goals scored tend to get the most attention, he highlighted the work that goes into maintaining a clean sheet, a sentiment shared by his friend and fellow wing-back Trent Alexander-Arnold.

“We’ve had to put bodies on the line, head the ball clear and we’ve had to make last-ditch tackles and things like that. But the clean sheets are so important – that is what we base ourselves on”, said Robertson.

Speaking of his buddy Trent, Robbo believes that his goal line clearance was his most important contribution of the game.

“He’s been incredible. The goal line clearance was special, [he was] slightly out of position to start if I’m going to be critical but his recovery run was incredible – the speed and determination to get back on the line. To be honest, we speak a lot about assists but for me that is the most important thing he has done today”, he said.

“The assist was a mishit shot! He’s admitted that at least…look, 16 assists on the season is incredible but today his most important contribution is the clearance off the line because that kept us in the lead and kept us 1-0 up when really it should’ve been a goal.”